03 December 2018 – 07 December 2018
Google Developers Launchpad Start
Launchpad Start is a free offline bootcamp for early stage startups with multiple themed days including Product, UX, Tech, Marketing.
Offline Bootcamp Program
Day 1. Business & Strategy
You will understand the principles of how to turn an idea into a business and make product strategy, how to form a team, how to check the demand for your product.
Day 2. Product
On the second day the best industry experts will tell you how to validate product hypotheses, how to prioritise backlog, what is Customer Development and the principles of SMART and HADI.
Day 3. Design & UX
On the third day during workshops you will practice the skills of rapid prototyping, learn the secrets of good UX and will learn about product design sprint.
Day 4. Marketing
On the fourth day we will talk about the secrets of marketing. We will study the tools and types of advertising, talk about the content and distributionchannels , discuss the best marketing cases of the past year.
Day 5. Growth Hacking
On the fifth day growth hacking experts will share their experiences and how to identify the most efficient ways to grow a business. We will also speak about the penetration of international markets.

You will speak with the experts as well as get individual consultations, where you will receive feedback on the development of your project, personal recommendations for a personal development map based on the course.
You will get to know like-minded people, and maybe find a team for your future project.
Curator of the Program
Ivan Gorshunov
Google Launchpad Mentor; Partner at .etc Ventures;
Partner at Corestation.ru; CMO at Workstation
ex-CMO at Dbrain.io; ex-CMO at The Key; Mobile Apps Product Expert ex-Google
Lector at HSE
Zviad Kardava
Mike Melanin
Alexey Nikushin
Vadim Fedchin
VC investor, founder of United Business Angels (UBA) Ltd., partner at Etcetera Ventures Ltd.
Elijah Glazunov
Dmitry Burov
Yulia Farber
Stanislav Pyatikop

Konstantin Gnyp
Runa Capital
Dmitry Pluschev
Leonid Borisov
Anton Potapov
Alexey Grishin
CISO Aladdin Ltd.
Timur Akhmetgareev
App in the air
Anastasia Popova
Anna Mikhina
Tinkoff Bank
Arseniy Dabbakh
VC, RB Partners
Ksenia Petrova
Yuri Chikhalov
Arseniy Alikhanov
Anton Bondarev
Leonid Bugaev
Founder of Nordic Agency AB, Leading mobile expert
Liza Grinberg
Melon Fashion Group
Alex Kolomiets
Dmitry Andronov
Contact us:
If you have any questions please feel free to contact i@etcetera.vc
Workstation «Plaza»
Butyrskaya, 62, 7th floor,
Moscow, 127015